Thursday 15 August 2013

Critics Review William's Work

“Rose has in fact achieved something far more impressive than the Hirsts and Emins by demonstrating that something genuinely new can still be created within the traditional idiom of picture-making.”  - Prof. Edward Chaney

“It is in this gap and the strange, almost impossible, conversation between Piero della Francesca and Franz Kafka that the work of William Rose resonates.”   -Prof. Sean Gaston
“At times Rose conjures late Sickert, Beckmann, Balthus, Morandi, Manet, and Cezanne, variously inimitable and idiosyncratic painters who provide an oblique benchmark for Rose’s inherent individualism and privileged position on a post-modern pluralist parapet.”  -Peter Davies


Artist-in-Residence at Peartree Gardens

William has been invited to paint this summer at Peartree Gardens in Litton, Somerset County.  The mature gardens are a popular tourist attraction and features an ornamental bridge and a wide variety of trees and perennials.  The love and pride of the Southwell family, the gardens are a serene environment for making art and the spacious studio has been used by two other British painters in the past.   William is most appreciative of the support of his gracious hosts.

Kensington Art Exhibition at S&D Gallery

Twenty new works by William Balthazar Rose will be exhibited at the seductively chic S&D Gallery newly opened by Parisian Director Barbara Djebali.  The London exhibition is entitled ‘The Painter-Cook and Friends’ and runs September 10 to 28 at 15 Thackeray Street, Kensington, W8 5ET.

If you are a friend and collector and have not gotten your invitation to the champagne reception on September 10th, please email William and let him know you would like to be added to the guest list, or call the gallery at

(0044) 0207.937.7020.



William publishes art book

William took a sabbatical in 2009 and spent three months in the United States where he had studio space at an artists’ cooperative on the historic Lincoln Highway in the western state of Iowa.  Whilst there, he visited the studio and landscapes where painter Grant Wood worked.  The exposure to Wood’s work developed into a collaboration on the book “Grant Wood’s Iowa”  which discusses the Midwestern regionalist group of painters and directs readers to the museum collections and landscapes that figure predominantly.  The group of painters were active during the Roosevelt administration and participated in a great number of public art projects which Grant Wood administered before he received a teaching post at University of Iowa.

The work that William painted during his sabbatical stay in the States has been purchased for the private collections of prominent Brits.


Victoria Museum exhibiting William's painting

The Victoria Art Museum is exhibiting “Outside the Victoria” at the Bath Society of Artists show from July 6 to August 31. William has been elected a member of the society. 


Sketching in Wells and Bath


William has been spotted sketching pedestrians on High Streets in Wells and Bath this spring.  One of the images will be exhibited at
Sausage Stand, Bath
The Victoria Museum this summer.